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In many divorces, the most difficult and emotional dispute concerns alimony. Though nearly everyone is familiar with the concept, most don’t understand the various spousal support options and how they have been affected by societal changes. At the Palma Family Law, P.A. in Tampa, we deliver knowledgeable advice to Florida clients in disputes over alimony and other aspects of divorce. Whether you are a potential payer or recipient, our firm will conduct a detailed investigation to determine how the legal alimony factors apply to your situation. Attorney Patricia Palma has 18 years of legal experience and is a strong advocate at the negotiation table and in court. She will work vigorously to achieve a result that meets your needs.

Skilled attorney explains each category of alimony awards

Current Florida family law makes no distinction between genders when it comes to alimony awards. A wife who earns significantly more than her husband might be ordered to make payments to him during and after their divorce. State law authorizes several types of alimony payments:

  • Permanent alimony — This is usually reserved for longer-term marriages and consists of a monthly payment plan from one spouse to the other, ending upon the recipient’s remarriage, death or cohabitation.
  • Rehabilitative alimony — When one spouse stays home to take care of the household, their career prospects suffer. Rehabilitative alimony is granted to individuals who need time to re-establish their full earning potential. A plan is created to provide payments during that period.
  • Durational alimony — Most alimony plans are not permanent. Durational awards provide monthly payments for a set period, not to exceed the length of the marriage.
  • Bridge-the-gap alimony — For a transitional period lasting no longer than two years, some ex-spouses are given this support to ease the adjustment to being single again.
  • Temporary alimony — A court awards one spouse this type of alimony while divorce proceedings are pending, usually to maintain each party’s financial position until a final decision is made.
  • Lump sum alimony — In some instances, spousal maintenance can be given all at once so that recipients can pay for major expenses and payers can move on from their obligation.

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