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Too often, ending a marriage through the litigation process can be hostile and can be traumatic emotionally and financially for the family. This does not have to be the case. At the Palma Family Law, P.A. in Tampa, we help Florida clients use the collaborative divorce method to end marriages amicably, so both parties can start their new lives on a positive note. Attorney Patricia Palma has 18 years of experience in Family Law and she can guide you through the collaborative divorce process.

Skillful lawyer guides clients through the Collaborative process

Collaborative divorce enables spouses to resolve issues in a manner that serves the best interests of them and their children. In this method, each spouse retains an attorney specifically for the collaborative process. Everyone works together to establish an amicable resolution to the following issues:

  • Child custody and time sharing
  • Property division
  • Allocation of marital debts
  • Ownership of the marital home
  • Child support
  • Alimony

When necessary, jointly retained financial professionals and other experts are brought in to ensure that everyone has the same information while pursuing a mutually agreeable solution.

Experienced attorney outlines the benefits of collaborative divorce

Our family law attorney can detail some of the advantages that the collaborative process offers spouses who are going through a divorce, including:

  • Privacy − Intimate issues, financial matters and personal conflicts are handled in a private, comfortable setting instead of open court.
  • Personalized scheduling − Rather than working on the court’s overburdened schedule, you can address key issues on your terms. Moreover, by avoiding the discovery process associated with litigation, you can sharply reduce the time needed to settle your divorce.
  • Reduced expense − In some cases, by using this quicker, cooperative procedure, you eliminate trial costs and limit the legal fees associated with your marriage dissolution.
  • Less stress − Instead of battling over each issue, you will work together to resolve discrepancies and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Before choosing to go ahead with the collaborative method, you and your spouse should evaluate factors to determine if it meets your needs. The lawyers you retain must state that they will not resort to litigation, so if you abandon the collaborative process, you will have to hire new attorneys.

Knowledgeable counselor advises when the collaborative process does not work

Effective collaborative divorces are grounded in trust and cooperation. Certain marital situations are not well suited to this procedure. If your divorce involves allegations of physical, mental or emotional abuse, the adversarial court system is likely a better forum in which to protect your rights.

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