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Even if the language in a family court order is clear, holding a violator accountable can be a challenge. Our Tampa firm, the Palma Family Law, P.A., advocates for parties in all types of contempt proceedings arising out of divorce, custody and support orders. We represent Gulf Coast residents who are seeking relief after someone else has disobeyed an order as well as individuals who are being accused of breaching their legal obligation. From the start, we detail your options and the relative advantages and pitfalls of each choice. In some instances, effective communication might resolve the matter favorably, but if you need to go to court, we will use our 21 years of litigation experience to defend your case.

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Violating any court order is a serious matter. When children or other family members are involved, the damage can be lasting. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to handle situations such as:

  • Refusal to abide by child custody requirements — If your co-parent isn’t meeting their time-sharing responsibilities or you are being improperly excluded from important decisions about your children, we’ll apply for appropriate relief.
  • Failure to honor a marital settlement agreement — Just because you ended your marriage without conflict doesn’t mean that the good intentions will last. Our firm represents clients when property division and spousal maintenance terms are violated.
  • Child support violations — Refusing to make required child support payments has severe consequences that can even lead to incarceration. The best way to head off serious problems is to take effective action as soon as a dispute arises.
  • Domestic violence matters — Even when orders of protection are clearly written, restrictions against visitation and contact may be breached. Failing to initiate a timely contempt proceeding could put you and your loved ones in danger.

Failing to take immediate action can affect your ability to obtain appropriate relief. Don’t hesitate to secure the comprehensive legal support that you deserve.

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