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Advocate handles cases involving alimony, custody and support terms

Under Florida law, parties affected by a family court order have the right to file for a modification based on substantial changes in circumstances that would affect the rights and obligations in those directives.  Our firm handles requests relating to:

  • Alimony — Alimony, also known as maintenance, is usually meant to give a divorced spouse the ability to support themselves financially. A shift in either party’s earning ability can drastically alter the fairness of these determinations, requiring a modification to the maintenance order.
  • Child support — Child support is usually determined by a formula and can be adjusted if either parent has a substantial change in income. However, the order must be revised before the paying parent’s obligation is raised or reduced.
  • Child custody — If parental relocation, substance abuse or any other substantive factor makes it necessary to revise custody orders such those involving legal responsibility or time-sharing, we can file a modification that demonstrates a change is warranted.

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