Accomplished Florida Lawyer Prepares Marital Settlement Agreements

Skillful Tampa attorney assists divorcing spouses who seek to avoid conflict

No matter how emotional a divorce might be, coming to an agreement on issues such as property division and custody usually benefits both parties. Under Florida law, a marital settlement agreement can be filed with the petition seeking to dissolve a marriage or during the course of the proceedings. Our Tampa firm, the Palma Family Law, P.A., represents husbands and wives in the drafting, negotiation and execution of these documents. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because your divorce is amicable, you don’t need legal assistance. We will make sure that all key matters are handled effectively so you can start a new chapter in your life with confidence.

Gulf Coast firm helps couples dissolve their marriage with dignity

Our firm has the background, dedication and creativity to draft enforceable agreements that accurately reflect your wishes and those of your partner. These agreements involve issues such as:

  • Parental responsibility and time-sharing — If you have children, a marital settlement agreement is particularly important, because the parties will have to collaborate going forward. We’ll help you develop a plan that works for everyone and covers issues such as educational matters and holiday visitation.
  • Alimony (maintenance) — Disputes over support payments to a former spouse can be very contentious. By fully explaining the factors that go into these decisions, such as the length of the marriage, our firm encourages parties to reach an appropriate agreement without a costly court battle.
  • Property division — Arguing about the allocation of marital assets can often reduce the amount available to both parties. To avert these conflicts, we engage the help of appraisers and other professionals to ensure an accurate assessment during the negotiation process.
  • Allocation of shared business assets — Calculating the value of a business or the potential return from a venture can be very difficult. Whether your commercial enterprise or professional practice is large or small, we have the experience and insight to guide you toward a fair outcome.

Even if you’ve come to terms before seeking legal advice, knowledgeable counsel is necessary to protect you now and in the future.

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