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Privacy in Divorce Cases? FAQs

In high conflict cases where custody of the minor children and/or dispute of finances are at issue, some spouses take extraordinary measures to obtain information from the other side. The issue of expectation of privacy in a divorce case can be quite complex. The following are questions that may arise during a high conflict divorce: […]

Is It Possible to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines in Florida?

Yes, it is. Although deviating from child support guidelines is not easy, it is possible. If you are a parent who is struggling financially because your monthly child support award is minimal or you are paying so much child support that you cannot pay for your own basic monthly expenses, Florida Law may permit you […]

Paternity and Timesharing

If I’m the biological Father of a minor child born out of wedlock, am I entitled to timesharing and/or custody of the child immediately after I sign the birth certificate? Not necessarily. According to Florida law, the Mother of a child born out of wedlock is the natural guardian of the child. In this scenario, […]

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouse

Social Security benefits are usually not treated as marital property by Florida divorce courts, but if you were married at least ten years, then you may be automatically eligible under federal law for Social Security benefits as a divorced spouse. Unlike other retirement benefits, social security is not divisible on the day of the final […]


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