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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a type of legal contract entered into by prospective spouses prior to the marriage. A prenuptial agreement becomes effective upon marriage of the parties. Prenuptial agreements can significantly alter the legal rights of spouses, so it is important to obtain an experienced attorney. Not only are prenuptial agreements used to protect […]

If I have been previously ordered to pay permanent alimony, will I be able to reduce or terminate my alimony obligation upon retirement?

Not necessarily. If the payor spouse voluntarily retires at age 65, which is the age of retirement in Florida, Florida courts have ruled as follows: “Even at the age of 65 or later, a payor spouse should not be permitted to unilaterally choose voluntary retirement if this choice places the receiving spouse in peril of […]

What can I do, as the custodial parent, if the Florida child support guidelines is not enough to cover the child’s basic monthly needs?

When the Florida Child Support Guidelines do not provide sufficient monthly support for your minor children, you may have the option of increasing the child support award by filing a Motion for an Upward Deviation from the Child Support Guidelines. Florida Courts do have the discretion to deviate a child support amount up to five […]

What Happens If I Can’t Afford To Pay My Court Ordered Child Support Obligation?

When circumstances change substantially for a parent paying child support, it may seem impossible to afford child support. The parent who can no longer afford child support may need to file a Supplemental Petition to Downward Modify Child Support seeking a reduction in her court ordered child support obligation. The basis for a child support […]

What Can Happen If I Don’t Pay My Child Support Obligation?

When parents separate, the financial responsibility for supporting the child is still left up to both parents. In Florida, child support is mandatory in order to ensure that the child gets as much financial support as permitted under the Florida Child Support Guidelines. The child support amount is generally determined by the income of the […]

What Are My Options If I Want My Divorce To Be Quick And Simple in Florida?

Depending on the specific circumstances and facts of your case, there are three procedures in Florida for achieving a divorce: simplified, uncontested, and contested. Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida In Florida, a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage can be obtained only if you and your spouse meet the following requirements: You and your spouse agree […]

Privacy in Divorce Cases? FAQs

In high conflict cases where custody of the minor children and/or dispute of finances are at issue, some spouses take extraordinary measures to obtain information from the other side. The issue of expectation of privacy in a divorce case can be quite complex. The following are questions that may arise during a high conflict divorce: […]

Is It Possible to Deviate from Child Support Guidelines in Florida?

Yes, it is. Although deviating from child support guidelines is not easy, it is possible. If you are a parent who is struggling financially because your monthly child support award is minimal or you are paying so much child support that you cannot pay for your own basic monthly expenses, Florida Law may permit you […]

Paternity and Timesharing

If I’m the biological Father of a minor child born out of wedlock, am I entitled to timesharing and/or custody of the child immediately after I sign the birth certificate? Not necessarily. According to Florida law, the Mother of a child born out of wedlock is the natural guardian of the child. In this scenario, […]

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouse

Social Security benefits are usually not treated as marital property by Florida divorce courts, but if you were married at least ten years, then you may be automatically eligible under federal law for Social Security benefits as a divorced spouse. Unlike other retirement benefits, social security is not divisible on the day of the final […]


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