When the Florida Child Support Guidelines do not provide sufficient monthly support for your minor children, you may have the option of increasing the child support award by filing a Motion for an Upward Deviation from the Child Support Guidelines. Florida Courts do have the discretion to deviate a child support amount up to five percent (5%) from the child support guidelines amount without having to provide any written judicial findings. However, for any deviation greater than 5%, the Court will have to base its written findings on certain legal factors. Some of those factors are listed below.

  1. A child has unusual medical, psychological, education, or dental expenses;
  2. A child has special needs, such as costs that could be associated with a disability;
  3. The parent paying child support has an unique financial situation, in which the child support guidelines did not properly calculate the parent’s capability to pay; or
  4. An adjustment that includes reasonable and necessary expenses or debts.

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