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How Can I Have a Peaceful Divorce? 5 Tips to Settle Amicably

Having practiced marital and family law for close to twenty years, the Law Offices of Patricia Palma, P.A. in Tampa has observed various actions and behaviors that may contribute to a lengthy and traumatic divorce.  Here are some general tips to help you achieve a peaceful divorce in Tampa:

1. Try to deal with the emotional hurt and anger before you file for divorce.  If you have not dealt with the emotional trauma of the breakup with your spouse, it becomes very difficult to cope with your divorce. It often makes the process much longer and more painful for all parties involved, including the children. If you feel that the sense of anger and loss is consuming your life, consider seeking counseling and/or life coaching to learn coping strategies to help you deal with and survive the pain and emotional trauma. When you get to the point where you can make decisions logically as opposed to emotionally, especially with the separation of marital assets, you will find that your dissolution of marriage will move forward in a more amicable, peaceful fashion.

2. Educate yourself about the law and remain reasonable. Make sure the divorce process is explained to you by your attorney so that you can make educated and reasonable decisions related to your divorce. When you are educated on the law, it becomes easier to make reasonable decisions that encourage and foster a more peaceful and equitable dissolution of marriage. The Law Offices of Patricia Palma, P.A. in Tampa is a proven Florida family lawyer offering quality advice. Patricia Palma will educate and advocate for your rights throughout the divorce process.

3. Stop comparing your relationship and divorce to others.  Sometimes the advice of friends and family can be helpful; however, sometimes it can make things worse. Remember, there are no two divorces that are exactly the same, so try your best to surround yourself with people who have moved on with their lives in a positive manner post-divorce. These people can help you see that there is indeed a “light at the end of the tunnel” after divorce.

4. Find an attorney who is knowledgeable about marital and family law and encourages amicable dissolutions. Oftentimes when the parties both retain attorneys who encourage amicable and equitable dissolutions, a peaceful divorce can be achieved. However, if your attorney is reasonable and the opposing side appears unreasonable, then it is imperative to seek the services of an experienced mediator in Tampa who can assist with the amicable resolution of the case. In the unlikely event that the mediator is unable to assist with the peaceful resolution of the case, then court intervention may be necessary. Keep in mind that if a dissolution case moves into the litigation phase, a settlement may still be reached at various stages of the case.

5. Speak to your attorney about Collaborative and Uncontested Divorces. If you and your spouse are able to resolve your divorce peacefully through either collaborative divorce or an uncontested cooperative divorce early in the divorce process, the financial and emotional costs are reduced significantly.

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