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How Does Financial Abuse Take Form Within a Marriage?

There are various types of abuse in relationships. One we see often during the divorce process is financial abuse. Financial abuse in a relationship can take various forms, including: 1. Controlling the finances: One partner taking complete control over the couple’s finances, restricting access to bank accounts, credit cards, or cash. 2. Monitoring spending: Constantly […]

Recent Changes to Florida Alimony Laws – Permanent Alimony is Eliminated

The changes to the Florida Alimony Statute took effect on July 1, 2023 for all initial petitions for dissolution of marriage or support unconnected with dissolution of marriage pending or filed after 7/1/23. These changes are important because they could impact the type of alimony someone may be awarded. Here Is a Summary of the […]

Types of Alimony

In Florida, there are several types of alimony that may be awarded in divorce cases. The specific type of alimony depends the facts of the case and on various factors, including the duration of the marriage, the financial circumstances of each spouse, and the overall needs and abilities of the parties involved. Here are some […]


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